Monday, August 19, 2013

No Shame

This is exactly what happens when I figure out how to use iMovie.

 I've been in this extremely awkward in between relationship that has me forty types of fucked up and I'M PRETTY MUCH OVER IT. This was just video evidence of the last time this person will ever receive a phone call from me. Don't let the cheery attitude throw you off, I only posted the happy moment and cut out the yelling and tearful dramatasies for not only my pride but for the sad truth that I'm just not cute while in the throws of a passionate verbal smack down. That cleansing convo was just what i needed to finally decide that I want to start whats the word, chronicling? Weird, crazy, awkward, terrible shit just happens and it just seems like a travesty to not share it with complete strangers and maybe stalkers. So thus begins my journey into blogging, vlogging, ranting, raving, screaming, rolling (completely lost my train of thought) and everything else thats not okay with my slowly progressing life.

Hello. Welcome. Take a seat. RELAX
I'm only a 24 year old black female that still doesn't know what to do with her life and her one year strong natural hair.  

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