Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Minimal Effort

My style may be all over the place (pictures coming soon, i promise) but theres one thing that stays constant; the feel of minimalism. Over time, some of my friends had pointed out that even though I never stick to one theme while dressing up, it always has a minimalist feel and I have to agree with them 100%. Most of my favorite bloggers, clothing lines, stores, actresses, looks, all have minimalist something to them (if that even makes sense). I've finally come to terms with it and labeled my style simply as vintage minimalist. Of course this post wouldn't be complete unless I added some pictures of my favorite looks:



Camille of Childhoodflames

Maria Van Nguyen of VanillaScented (Now on Rodeo)

Jazzi of JazziMCG

Now that I'm completely aware of exactly what style I favor, I'll be turning this blog in that direction. I'm getting it all together, little by little.... 

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