Thursday, November 21, 2013

Stuck In The Past

I'm slightly stuck in the past. Theres just something about retro/vintage clothing that give me this tingle while whispering sweetly in my ear, "put me on, baby". I've been a vintage enthusiast for a couple of years now but jut recently started incorporating pieces into my daily wardrobe. The picture above was taken awhile ago to see if my back seams were looking the way they should (dangerously straight). Loving the way this outfit turned out, I went vintage shopping crazy, loved every moment and piece of inexpensive clothing bought, and am now stuck in the 50s-90s. Although I love my pin up babes and bloggers in full rockabilly outfits, I still add modern pieces just to tone down the age of the outfit. 

My beginning pile of vintage 
I don't have a definite look but I tend to lean towards dark pieces with a classy feminine twist. For example, if I wore my vintage navy blue pencil skirt, I'd pair it with a cropped black sweater, sheer black tights, my members only jacket and my thrifted kitten heels (most likely wear my dr. martens 1461s because of the weather) I'm also just getting into the makeup of the time as well. The hair will have to come waaay later since I'm still in my natural faze.

Here are some bloggers that definitely influence me and do it just right:
This gorgeous lady is Jasmine or VV of Vintage Vandalizim. Please click on the pictures to find out more about her. If I start I may never stop, thats just how much I'm in love with this girl and her style is too good to believe. 

This next girl is Karla Deras of Karlas Closet. Another beauty I could on for hours about. She's another inspiration of mine to just take vintage pieces and mix them up to make a statement all your own. She does this effortlessly and understands what pieces fit her body perfectly. 

Jazzi of JazziMCG feeds my need for things with a little punk/edge to it while staying feminine, vintage and magical about it. I love her blogging style and her DYIs are nice and simple. She's taken a bit of a hiatus on blogging but I'm patiently waiting her return and will forever remain a fan.

I hope to evolve and grow my style while sharing it with whoever stumbles upon this blog. Here's to growing up a little at a time, but hopefully not too much

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