Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sensual Being

I think theres a lot that a woman can learn about herself. One thing that has taken me a bit of forever (and still a long way to go) is to love and accept my body. And not just the skin color, texture, elasticity and blemishes, but the true mechanics of it. The pin pricks of pain and the warm tingles of need. I’ve also come to understand how taking great care of whats inside reflects greatly on the outside. Eating cleanly, stretching every morning, and even rubbing lotion on has taught me many things about myself. What was once something I was ashamed of and had wished to look and feel another way has become something that I’m learning to be very in love with. The texture of my hair, the stretch marks on my sides, the softness of my lower back…. Spending some time just discovering myself makes me so happy that I’m a girl and also so full of regret that for so many years I’ve let society, family, friends, media, etc. dictate how I should look and feel. 

I still have a bit more accepting to do and a lot of negative purging to left but I'm happy to say that I'm living for me. My happiness is whats important, and what's so happy about someone who's ashamed of their physical attributes? 

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