Friday, November 22, 2013

Mental Dump

Sometimes when my imagination is wearing a little thin and I feel like I'm in a ridiculous, depressing rut, I like to go into my inspiration folder and get the old imagination train going (wow, even that was whack...) Fall is my favorite season but sometimes it can really get to me. Late sunrises, severely cold winds, dry air, grey skies.... It's an all around mind fuck, especially since summer was just a few weeks ago. So I'd like to crack open my brain just a bit, and spill out some of my favorite images that (most of the time) get me out of this particular rut

All images courtesy of Google

I'm half way sure that all these images can describe me as a whole. All the random thoughts and sideways feelings that are jumbled in my head that I want to express outward but sometimes get stumped by it all. Even that explanation is just off. I'm just having a pretty off couple of days. Hopefully I can add on to my Inspiration folder and get shit flowing again. 

Heres to hoping...

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